Mascot Miracles started with 20 kids in 2013. Today we serve more nearly 1,400 “heroes” and their families - children with cancer, autism, down syndrome, Rhett syndrome, cerebral palsy, and many other conditions – kids who spend much of their lives in hospitals or stuck at home because catching a simple cold could be life-threatening. They cope with the struggles of being stared at, looking and feeling different, difficulties with accessibility, and uncertainty about their future. Our mission is to create moments of joy in the midst of their struggles.

"I can remember vividly the moment Charly saw her first Mascot, Felix the Falcon. She walked directly over to Felix and, as he knelt on one knee to say hello, Charly immediately stretched out her arms (which was no easy task for her as she has cerebral palsy) and gave Felix the biggest and longest hug. The smile on her face and the love that was felt was indescribable. And from that moment, our lives were changed.” (Charly’s Mom)


The Mascot Miracles family includes nearly 1,400 kids and their families – kids who live with autism, are wheelchair-bound, struggle with debilitating conditions, and are fighting life-threatening illnesses. Like everyone, they dream, have favorite sports and hobbies – and favorite mascots - and unique talents and passions. They also know how to fight through pain and obstacles, are deeply compassionate, and understand how precious life is. These are the kids we have the privilege to serve, and our lives are changed just by being with them.


With our mascots serving as hosts, our heroes and families have the chance to laugh, play and forget the pain, stress and struggles they face each day at MMF events throughout the year. Through the generosity of our partners, supporters and volunteers, MMF kids and their families enjoy special experiences designed just for them – where they are safe, allowed to be themselves, and enjoy activities at their own speed. Our mascots host at least one experience per month for special kids including Night at the Aquarium, Stick Horse Rodeo, Cowabunga Bay, Polar Express Rides with Santa, one-on-one events, and more. Join us for an event and experience the magic for yourself. 


“Mascot Miracles is an amazing foundation that helps kids and their families smile through tough times. I know our lives have been changed for the better. We love our mascots!”(Angie White, MMF parent)

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