Our Story

MMF was founded in 2013 by a big-hearted blue bird – Felix the Falcon – whose life was changed by Macie, a little girl with a beautiful bald head from fighting cancer. Felix noticed that when he was focused on Macie, she was able to forget her everyday struggles for a moment. She smiled, laughed and hugged Felix without pause. Learning that her birthday was coming up, Felix rallied his Mascot friends (the Jazz Bear, Grizzbee, Bumble from the Bees, Real's Leo, UU's Swoop, BYU's Cosmo, Willy from UVU and more) to quickly organize a fairy-tale birthday celebration in her honor. She dubbed that crazy group of mascots “The Zoo.” 

What We Do

With our mascots serving as hosts, our heroes and their families have the chance to laugh, play and forget the pain, stress and struggle they face each day at Mascot Miracles' events throughout the year. Through the generosity of our partners, supporters and volunteers, MMF kids and their families enjoy special experiences desgined just for them - where they are safe, allowed to be themselves and enjoy activities at their own speed and abilities. We host at least one experience per month for these special kids including Night at the Aquarium, Stick Horse Rodeo, Cowabunga Bay, Polar Express Rides with Santa, one-on-one events, and more.

Who We Serve

Mascot Miracles is privileged to serve Utah kids who struggle with a range of physical challenges, debilitating conditions, and life-threatening illnesses by creating experiences to bring smiles and joy to the kids and their families. Among the nearly 1,400 MMF kids, those challenges include autism, cancer, Rhett syndrome, down syndrome, being deaf or blind, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, CHD, neuroblastoma, epilepsy, chronic lung disease, congenital heart issues, and others.

Meet the Zoo

In 2013, Felix the Falcon and a number of mascot friends organized a fairy-tale birthday celebration for a little girl named Macie, a cancer patient who helped inspire the creation of Mascot Miracles Foundation. Macie dubbed that crazy group of mascots as "The Zoo". The Zoo keeps growing to a current total of around 50 mascots, princesses and superheroes who serve MMF kids inlcuding 10 of MMF's own mascots, as well as Utah's professional and collegiate mascots such as the Jazz Bear, Grizzbee, Bumble, Leo and Cleo, Swoop, Cosmo and Willy. We even have an eight year old mascot named Yeti - one of MMF's heroes who became a mascot as a way to give back to fellow MMF kids. 

"Seriously love these guys. Biggest hearts I've ever seen." (Dario Olson, MMF Parent)


Mascot Miracles Foundation relies on the generosity of individuals who believe deeply in our mission to help kids with special needs. That includes our Board of Directors - individuals from varying walks of life who donate their time and talents to MMF. They have one thing in common: their devotion to helping MMF kids and their families.

Rich Ellis
President & Co-Founder
Zach Ellis
Vice President & Co-Founder
Trina Ellis
Vice President & Director of Volunteers
Ari Monkarsh
Chief Operating Office
Angie Schmeling
Treasurer & CFO
Amy Welsh
Director of Technology

Tina Esparza
Director of Events                     
Brayden Ellis
Director of Entertainment
Shawn Powell
Director of Corporate Sponsors            

Advisory Board
Karey Thomas
David Ulibarri
Jon Absey           
Tami Loscher                 

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