Meet Angel Kyley

In December 2016, We learned that my daughter, Kyley’s cancer was terminal, the doctors gave her life expectancy 6 to 8 months to live.

So made a “wish list” of everything she wanted to do, where she wanted to go, see and what she wanted to experience.
We set out to accomplish these wishes but were shortly interrupted when we found out that cancer had rapidly progressed and travel was no longer an option. So we improvised the best we could but on January 6, we were told that my daughter cancer had spread beyond measure and had only given her a couple weeks to live.

The doctors called in hospice and we thought that leaving the house was no longer an option.

Until One night These crazy mascots and their crew showed up at my house FULL FORCE!! Sirens.. lights.. music…what?!?!
They brought so much energy, light, joy, comfort and hope to not only Kyley but made sure to include and care for us parents, siblings, and friends­čĺť.

The MMF came together to make sure that every wish and more came true! Many obstacles, to make these wishes come true, (ones that I will never know about) but the mascots and their crew refused to take no for an answer!

Their hearts and intentions are solely based on love for a child and a family that they never even met. They just wanted to make us all smile. They did just that.

I will forever hold a HUGE part of my heart to this organization and all the beautiful souls that make it happen. We love y’all!

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