Meet Angel Mariah

Written by Terra,
After years for trying for a baby the Teller family was finally about to welcome their newest member of their family, the much anticipated Mariah Teller. She came into this world and moved everyone around her. Even from the very beginning it was obvious this little girl was very special. People were drawn to her and she could always make people smile. To be with Mariah was like the rays of the sun on a warm sunny day you always felt special and loved.
Mariah very quickly became the center of our universe. She loved to watch her brother play football, watch Yo Gabba Yo, and was always looking for a laugh. Mariah was always so concerned about everyone around her, she wanted people to be happy and felt loved.
One of my favorite memories was watching her dancing around the house singing. She loved mac n cheese, and pizza, princesses, Nemo and Bubble Guppies. She had a wolf hat that she loved to wear even in summer and church. Mariah was a vibrant, happy, and healthy toddler.
Then July, 2010 Mariah started to get headaches we took her to Primary Children’s where our worst fears were realized. Our angel and the center of our universe, Mariah, was given nine to twelve months to live because of a DIPG tumor that is a 100% fatal. Mariah never felt sorry for herself a day of her life, she is the strongest person I know, and she took on everyday with a smile and a resilient attitude. She showed us how to endure to the end with love in your heart and courage no matter what the out come.
Mariah is our hero.
We met the Mascot Miracles Foundation at their annual train ride, it was wonderful to see children’s faces light up and forget about their illness while with the mascots.
My favorite memory is when Felix came to Mariahs princess room reveal, she loved having him around, he made her laugh and brought her so much joy.
Thank you for bring joy to our children’s lives as they fight big battles.
~Teller family


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