Meet Hero Jayson

Jayson has an ultra-rare genetic syndrome that causes many complex medical conditions as well as cognitive and developmental delays. He is non-verbal and struggles with eye contact and interacting with others. We joined the Mascot Miracles Foundation to give Jayson an opportunity to participate in activities with other children with special needs. We had no idea we would be getting so much more…

Our first interaction with members of the Mascot Miracles Foundation was one we will never forget. We witnessed our son make eye contact and bond with a complete stranger dressed as a Disney princess. Our eyes filled with tears as we watched Jayson pull her down to his level, push her over and crawl in her lap, just a day after I prayed for a miracle. We had never seen our son connect with someone this way. It truly was magical. We saw many more firsts and miracles over the next couple of activities as Jayson held hands with his feathered friends, hugged a giant bee and danced with various mascots. The mascots have a way of bringing Jayson out of his shell and turning his weaknesses into strengths. He has accomplished things we hoped and prayed he would do all because of his love for the mascots. My son has found his best friends– some have fur while others have feathers or wear princess dresses. I believe their magical connection is established by their special form of communication. Jayson and the mascots can’t use words so they communicate heart to heart.

The mascots and volunteers are so much more than a foundation. They have lifted us up through our toughest times. They’ve made us smile when medical challenges left us in tears. They have become our family. We are forever grateful for the lasting memories and lifelong friendships we have made by being a part of the Mascot Miracles Foundation.

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