Mascot Miracles Foundation would not exist without our volunteers. They come from all backgrounds, ages, talents and passions – and they become part of the Mascot Miracles family. Many of our volunteers have been with us since we began in 2013. They change kids’ lives, and are changed themselves in the process.

A variety of volunteer roles are available based on your interests, talents, skills, and availability.To learn more about the possibilities, please email us at volunteer@mascotmiraclesfoundation.org

Volunteer Application Process

  1. Learn more about Volunteer opportunities by contacting us at volunteer@mascotmiraclesfoundation.org
  2. Complete our Volunteer application and submit it to our office. 
  3. Conduct a background check* and follow up with the two references.
  4. Complete an interview with our volunteer manager in person or by telephone.
  5. Attend the next new volunteer orientation and position training session.

* Background Checks - To ensure the safety of the children we serve, we perform a national criminal background check on all of our applicants. All information in the volunteer application, and any acquired through the background check, remains strictly confidential and is used only for screening and placement purposes.

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