The generosity of our sponsors and partners make it possible for us to serve nearly 1,400 special kids and their families. We are grateful for the support of each and every one, and invite you to learn more about those whose support is changing kids’ lives.

Become a Partner

Our partners contribute in a variety of ways that works best for them – donating venue space for our heroes and families to enjoy events at their own pace, providing necessary materials for events, sponsoring one-on-one events for our heroes who are running out of time, and even providing tires for our Mascot vehicles. Here are just a few examples.

  • Sponsor an event for our heroes and their families – from opportunities for our nearly 1,400 heroes and families (Night at the Aquarium, Stick Horse Rodeo, Cowabunga Bay, Polar Express train rides with Santa) to one-on-one events for our heroes who are running out of time.
  • Host an event with our heroes and mascots and your employees at your place of business.
  • Host a networking event with the leaders of companies in your industry or geographic location with heroes and mascots.
  • In-kind donations and services that help keep our operating expenses at a minimum.
  • Sponsor a Child to help increase the number of heroes and their families that we are able to serve.
  • Spread the Word by following, liking, and sharing our social media, and by signing up for our online updates:
    (social media links and Stay in Touch link)
  • Encourage your employees to volunteer for Mascot Miracles Foundation events with our heroes and families.

What type of partnership works for you?

Contact us to chat about how to join the Mascot Miracles Family in your way by emailing or calling us at: marketing@mascotmiraclesfoundation.org

Click Sponsorship Levels to see what level of partnership works for you

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